“Now, at Last You Can Discover This Amazingly Simple Method to Completely Stop Your Feet From Sweating in Just 5 Days...”

Finally... You can now completely STOP your feet from sweating using this new, simple technique that works on every single person with 100% success, no matter how severe your sweating is!

From: Andy Goodman
Saturday, 2:46 p.m.

     Dear Friend,

     I know exactly how you feel and I know just how self-aware does it make you and how does it affect your life.

     I know how you feel when your feet are sweating and there is nothing you can do about it.

And let me tell you, I know exactly how it is when you are constantly afraid people around you will notice it and judge you for it.

     I remember being constantly afraid my friends will get disgusted about something that's not even my fault!

     Because you've been living with this for so many years I know that what I'm about to reveal to you might be almost impossible to believe.

But it is 100% true.

    I am about to share with you the most effective but YET little known secret that has cured my sweaty feet in only 5 days without spending thousands of dollars on expensive solutions OR taking any dangerous pills.

It is a system literally thousands of people, just like you, all over the world have used to permanently cure their sweaty feet, it is the ultimate cure for sweaty feet.

     In fact, my system is so simple you might have everything you need for it at your home right now.

You can get rid of sweaty feet within the next 5 days - guaranteed

     I have lived with sweaty feet for way too long. I was really optimistic that there is a cure for this condition when I started searching for possible cures.

But I've soon faced the harsh reality. I might be stuck with it for my whole life. Every single treatment I tried failed for me.

They said my sweating was just too strong.

     Trust me when I say I've tested almost every single imaginable cure.

I've tried lotions, pills, psychological techniques and special anti-perspirants. Not one of them worked.

     Soon I've started developing serious anxiety about my excessive feet sweating. I've started hating sandals and going on trips where I'd have to wear shoes for longer time periods.

It started effecting more and of my life. You can imagine how that made me feel. I felt annoyed with it and embarrassed if there were people around me.

     It came so far I've started wearing socks even if it was extremely hot...

It was my way of avoiding walking around and leaving footprints behind me. Even though it was a bit inconvenient the socks at least made me feel less uncomfortable.

     Each time someone noticed it and pointed it out I felt more and more embarrassed and the sweating seemed to get worse and worse and the longer I had it the more it affected my life.

     Then came the day that changed all of that...

      As I was experimenting with different solutions I noticed for the first time in my life that there is a part of my right foot that's completely dry, there was no foot sweat!.

At the start I didn't really know what happened and as I inspected it I noticed that this new technique I'm using finally started working.

It motivated me to keep using it and in the next two days my feet were COMPLETELY dry.

It's been more than a year from that day and my feet are still 100% dry.

     My confidence was instantly boosted, I could finally stop wearing socks non-stop, my foot odor finally disappeared because as my feet stopped sweating the smell stopped too.

And most importantly I could finally stop caring about something as trivial.

    To this day I don't know why this cure for sweaty feet, this solution is not widely recognized but I do know it works completely without any side effects as it's worked for hundreds of people by now.


"I'll probably sound a bit crazy.."

"Hey Andy, I know I might sound a bit crazy but my sweaty feet were one of the most annoying things in my life. [removed due to personal nature] ... However after failing with quite a few remedies your method has finally cured my sweaty feet in just 4 days and I'm really happy I decided to get your book. Thank you!"

Eric Nelson, Arizona

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I urge you to grab this opportunity and get rid of this annoying condition

     I know I've been annoyed with my sweaty feet for way too long and because of that I want you to stop worrying about it too.

I don't want you to be embarrassed anymore. If only a solution like this existed twenty years ago and I wouldn't have to go through all the embarrassing experiences I had to go.

     I want you to get rid of sweaty feet. I know you are fed up with just how many shoes this condition destroyed for you.

It's not just annoying and embarrassing but also expensive! This is why I've written an ebook that will guide you step by step through my system and will help you get rid of your sweaty feet for forever.

   I've perfected this system to a point that it's 100% effective. Just imagine getting this information in the next few minutes and being sweat free in 5 days.

Can you imagine how relaxed would you feel if you handled this problem once and for all?

So, just how, EXACTLY, will this system cure your feet in 5 days???

    See, from all these years of trying different sweaty feet cures and reading reports from other people, I've realized there is in fact a true miracle cure for sweaty feet ALREADY available.

    There is just one BIG problem with it... Noone really knows how to use it.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

     Doctors like to call it iontophoresis therapy and it's basically a device that uses a really small electrical current that flows through water. That's it. It really is that simple.

    Now, as you place your feet in the water the weak electrical current flows through your feet and it literally makes your feet completely stop sweating in just a few days and you don't even feel a thing.

     The only problem with commercial devices is that they cost a small fortune! At the time, being a reasonably poor student at Economy college, I just couldn't afford to buy one.

     Not only were these devices extremely expensive but I've also heard from a lot of people who used them that they weren't consistent with their results.

     Allegedly some people could use them and cure their sweaty feet while the device just WOULDN'T work for others.

      This frustrated me to a point I've started researching how these devices are built so that I could make one myself. To my surprise I've found it's extremely simple to make one.

    As I created MY OWN device from parts I've ALREADY had at home I started doing the test treatments.

     I knew it will probably work to some extent... but the impact this simple device had on my sweating LITERALLY SHOCKED ME. It was crazy...

     ...because in just 5 days of using it my feet got COMPLETELY dry, I have finally foud a cure for sweaty feet!.

     From that day on I put even more time and energy into making it even more effective and right now I've seen that it works EVEN BETTER then commercial devices.

And you won't even feel a thing, it doesn't hurt or anything!

    But here is the best part:

This device is so simple to build that a 10 year old could do it!

    You will be able to build it in under 10 minutes and you won't even have to buy anything!

    This means you could be using this device only 10 minutes from now and you could finnaly be cured of sweaty feet only five days from now!

  Commercial alternatives work for 60-70% of people and cost a FORTUNE.On the other side my device works for everyone and you'll probably be able to make it for FREE.

    As a matter of fact I've perfected it so much that I have YET to see it fail.

"It didn't work..."

"I had to tell you that your ebook didn't help me get rid of my sweaty feet in 5 days or less. It fact it took me 7 days to get rid of the problem and to tell you the truth - I don't care!! I'm just glad it worked and I'll be forever grateful for that. God bless you "

Victoria Miller, Oklahoma

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"I can finally wear heels in the summer..."

"Up to now if it was hot I couldn't wear open toe shoes because my feet would sweat like there's no tomorrow without any stockings... but with your book that has changed. It's almost a bit weird having completely dry feet at all times!
Thank you a lot!

Kristy C., UK

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"Finally feeling relaxed..."

"Andy I thought this is another scam but you've managed to prove me wrong! I am finally feeling relaxed at all times..."

Mark Morgan, Pensacola, Florida

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    Ask yourself right now: When will enough be enough? Are you ready to change your life now? Can you decide to fix this problem today and get rid of anxiety that's following you everywhere you go?

     I know there are many people out there trying to sell you their secret herbal woo-wo recipes.

     This is why I wanted to make sure my solution will work for EVERYONE so I started my own testing program where I explained this system to 14 random hyperhidrosis sufferers and each and every one of them got cured in 5-6 days.

     The effectiveness of this technique was wild beyond ANYTHING I'd ever dare to dream but I've also realized that this really is the ultimate cure for sweaty feet.

     Not only was this type of treatment been proven to work again and again but iontophoresis treatments have been researched and shown to cure sweaty feet by International Hyperhidrosis Society, Sweat Solutions and AAFP.

     So far it has yet to fail and you can trust me when I say hundreds of people used it and are living the lives free of unnecessary embarrassement and anxiety. Now that the system is perfected you can use it too TOTALLY RISK FREE.

     You don't need to get ripped off by money hungry companies that charge thousands of dollars for solutions that don't even work!    

Here is a small sample of what you will learn in the Cure My Sweaty Feet eBook

What will you get if you decide to get it right now?

checked It is the only system being offered right now that will help you get rid of your sweating completely - GUARANTEED

checked It will freak you out how easily can you get rid of your sweaty feet.

checked You will understand every single step of this system so you will be able to make it suit your needs best.

checked You will DISCOVER the step-by-step method to stop sweat.

checked Literally destroy any chances of getting a fungal infection.

checked It will show you just how EASY it is to get rid of sweaty feet with things you MIGHT ALREADY have at home.

checked It will literally destroy EVERY SINGLE bit of anxiety that's connected to your sweaty feet and ALLOW you to fully enjoy yourself in your footwear.

checked Attain 100% guaranteed to work method of stopping sweat permanently WITHOUT any side effects.

checked Discover the ridiculously inexpensive (or in most cases even completely FREE) system of curing this condition that's been making you self-conscious and embarrassed.

checked Say goodbye to foot odor once you'll get rid of sweating.

checked This method works for feet and PALMS too, so you can get rid of sweaty palms and start feeling comfortable in any social situation.

checked The most effective and low cost sweat stopping technique the industry doesn't want you to find out.

checked The quick and easy 9 steps system that you can apply today.

checkedGet answers and QUICK solutions to every single roadblock you might experience using this technique.

checked You will finally be able to wear sandals, confidently take your shoes off, feel comfortable and stop worrying about sweaty feet.

"...by day five my feet were completely dry..."

"...I saw a tremendous improvement in just a few days and by day five my feet were completely dry! Thank you so much."

- E. B., London

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You have the power to GET RID of your sweaty feet at this very moment, there is a cure for sweaty feet only a few clicks away - but you have to make the decision RIGHT NOW

     If you are a person who:

dot was suffering for this condition for years and years and you were already starting to think you will be stuck with it for your whole life...

dotwants to stop worrying about his/her sweaty feet

dot can't wait to get rid of sweating because it's effecting so many different parts of his/her life

dotis fed up with his/her sweaty feet and has decided that you had enough of it

dot is pissed at all of the "guru" cures for sweaty feet that didn't produce the effect they've promised

dot is embarrassed with the foot odor and wants to stop having to think about it every single day

dotdoesn't want to be at mercy of something he/she cannot control

Then this system is DEFINITELY for you.

     On the other hand if you aren't prepared to give my system an honest test and if you want to still have your feet sweating every single day then this is
DEFINITELY not for you and please don't request it because you'll just waste both your and my time.

     However if you want to get rid of your sweaty feet and stop worrying about it then this program was literally created for you.

"My wife stopped giving me a hard time..."

"Yes, I tried your method and was surprised it worked so well. My wife has finally stopped giving me a hard time about my smelly feet after coming home from a long day at work. The odor has completely disappeared!!!"

- Paul Woods, Florida

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     Why is it different from other programs?

     dot It's THE ONLY system of it's kind which PROMISES real results. It won't reduce your sweating for 30% nor it will reduce it for 60%. It will help you GET RID of sweating COMPLETELY.

     dot It can be really easily read and understood. It is a step by step system and you can contact me at any time if you have ANY problems with it. I'm there for you - I want you to succeed with this.

     dot It combines years of scientific research and delivers secrets that really work.

     dotIt is my pride and whenever I'll update it I'll personally send you the new updated version.

     See, I will personally make sure you will succeed. And even if because of some strange and unexplained reason you won't be able to have it work (but I HAVEN'T had a single example of it YET) I will give you your money back. It can't get any easier then this.

You'll Also Get The Following Bonus For Free If You Decide To Try My Book Today

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  • Sure-fire 4 day cure to completely stop your underarm sweating.

  • A simple works every time way of treating sweaty underarms and removing the unpleasant odor forever.

  • A simple step-by-step plan that is 100% guaranteed to get you the results you need.

  • A safe, quick and medically approved way of treating your underam sweating.

  • I will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to banish underarm sweating from your life with no strings attached.

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    If you're interested in this system you can get it now for


    Want to get rid of sweaty feet completely risk free with this method that has cured hundreds of people just like you....

    ....and finally start living care free, get rid of anxiety and be completely confident in situations you've always been avoiding up to now?

    Then grab the "Cure my Sweaty Feet" eBook immediately for one time payment of...

    to be $47.95 in the next few days

    JUST $17.95 now


         As a matter of fact I'm so sure it will work for you I'm offering 100% money back guarantee.

         If the technique won't work for you after testing it just send me an email in less then 60 days after the purchase with the reason for refund and I'll have my staff refund you.

         Do you want to continue living your life as you did until now? Do you want to keep on experiencing anxiety, humiliation and embarrassement? Do you want to buy dozens of books and fail with each of them?

         OR do you want to get a method that actually works and is backed up with 100% guarantee and will help you start living the life you've always deserved.

         Just imagine, right now, in vivid detail how will your life look like after you'll get rid of sweaty feet and hands.

    The choice is yours.

         Very sincerely,
    Andy Goodman

         P.S. Even if you're skeptical about getting this eBook don't forget I offer a 100% money back guarantee so I encourage you to simply try it out for 60 days and if you won't be instantly hooked on I'll personally refund you the money. Click here to claim it now.

         P.P.S. Remember I'm taking all the risk for a full 60 days while you get to test-drive this method. If It doesn't work, you don't pay!

         So, order now before it's too late. Just click here to test it out and see if it will work for you as it did for hundreds of people.

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